Main Stream Canoe Lake Trip

Water fun at a more relaxed and measured pace is just as enjoyable on our two lake trips that allow you or your group to meander in and out of coves or paddle for long stretches across the gentle ripples of West Hill or Winchester Lake.

These two areas are most popular with area Boys and Girl Scouts, non-profit groups, and church campers. For-profit corporations like lake access for their team building exercises and company picnics, while one of our most daring groups is a women’s yoga paddleboarding crew that holds weekly classes. Younger campers and kids like West Hill Lake in particular, because it’s easy to trek back and forth to the little canteen for a candy and soda and bathroom break!

Anglers like to try out our boats for a few hours or the day so they can experience the unusual “submerged forest” area of Winchester Lake that is host to abundant bass, perch, pike and pickerel. If you’re in the area and want access to a pond (Burr, Park and Stillwater) or a private water venue – we’ll rent and deliver our boats to your friends and family groups for an unforgettable outing or birthday bash.