Things to Bring

As of May 22nd, Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks will be reopening under COVID-19 guidelines established by the State of Connecticut here. Otherwise, we suggest the following items can make your river or lake adventure more enjoyable:

  • Water shoes – to walk on rocks, sticks, fish hooks and whatever else is in the river
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen – because the glare off the water can be strong
  • Water – plastic bottle, because it might get hot when you are paddling
  • Change of Clothing – leave in your car for when you return
  • Swimsuit or Trunks – if it’s hot, you’ll want to get wet along the way
  • Waterproof Case for Phone – don’t want to drop it in the water
  • Picnic or Snack Items – there are plenty of wonderful places to stop
  • Blanket or Small Tarp – if you can’t find a rock or stump to sit when you stop
  • Waterproof Pants/Shorts – for colder days, or because jeans act like sponges
  • Protective Clothing – if it’s rainy or cold depending on the time of year
  • Insect Repellent – on the shore, mosquitoes can get bad sometimes

Please REMEMBER – Pack in, Pack out – Leave no trash behind