Winchester Lake Boating

This is a staff favorite of Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks and once you experience it, Winchester Lake will become your favorite, too. It’s a beautiful 250 acres of serene water, lush greenery, and little coves all around that make for an interesting trek for paddlers as you explore its varied shores.

We let you off at the southern part of Winchester Lake, adjacent to the dam that was erected to form this body of water back in the 1920’s. It was created along with nearby Stillwater Pond and Park Pond as back-up sources of water along the tributaries of the Naugatuck River to ensure that factories in Waterbury had sufficient water flow to generate power.

Because it was man-made, decisions were made that once 2/3 of the land was cleared the dam was activated and tree-cutting continued when the lake iced over. That’s why you’ll discover the northern part of this lake is really a submerged forest where fish life truly abounds. Anglers can rent our boats for a few hours to try to snag a prize perch, pickerel, pike or bass in this challenging area to navigate.

Canoers and kayakers are safer traveling through this unusual area of water versus boats with motors that can get easily damaged, which is cause for the 8 MPH limit on motor engines. Because of this restriction, Winchester Lake tends to have fewer boats on it than any other large body of water in Northwest Connecticut making it a “paddlers paradise” for canoes, kayaks and paddleboards (SUPs) who have the easiest passage.

Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks can take you to beautiful Winchester Lake to experience it by day – or rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard while you stay in a lake rental by week.

It’s easy – book your trip, arrive at our base store, get fitted with a life jacket and paddle, receive instruction if you need it, and we take you and your water craft to your starting point!