7 Mile Lower Farmington River Trip

The 7-mile Lower Farmington trip is for novices who have never handled a canoe or kayak and who need to get acclimated to paddling. Or, for those bringing children or older parents when flat-water boating is preferred. We are also introducing paddle-boarding and SUP’s on this calmer section of the river.

Your trek will begin at the boat launch entrance on Rt. 4 across from Modern Tire in Farmington (898 Farmington Avenue), with the endpoint being a bucolic little stop at the Nod Brook Wildlife Management Area.

On this route you’ll experience a variety of beautiful valley scenery of hills, swamps, grassy fields and treed areas as you meander along at a very relaxed pace. The scenic Farmington River has plenty of twists and turns though, to make it a truly interesting trip that will take you a little over 3 hours.

Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks makes it easy for everyone – book your trip, arrive at our base store, get fitted with a life jacket and paddle, receive instruction if you need it, and we take you and your watercraft to your starting point!