10 Mile Upper Farmington River Trip

Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks’ 10-mile trip pushes off in two adjoining state parks, starting above the American Legion Campgrounds at the Big Rock. In the middle of a hot day, this 10-mile run is immediately cooling and peaceful. The dense greenery of both the American Legion and People’s Forest State Parks engulf the river all the way through as do the sights and sounds you would expect in the deepest of woods: hawks, turkey vultures, ducks, deer, jumping fish, turtles, dragonflies. It’s a 4-hour trip you won’t forget!

The 10-miler alternative is also convenient because both campers and day-trippers can return to enjoy use of either campground’s nice picnic table areas for an early grilled dinner in designated fireplaces. Bring your own food or grab take-out or sandwiches along the way.

Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks makes it easy for everyone – book your trip, arrive at our base store, get fitted with a life jacket and paddle, receive instruction if you need it, and we take you and your water craft to your starting point!