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The Farmington River Stream Flow Data


Mainstream Canoe and Kayak polls the river levels in near real time, you can check the scroller above for river condition information. Please note: As these USGS gauges are uploaded to the ECHO-1 satellite, some readings you see are from batches uploaded at four hour intervals. and much as we would like to,we still can't launch a new satellite to get you even faster readings. Regardless our reads are the very best of the USGS system has to offer and a lot easier to read. 

US Geological Survey - Real-Time Data - Streamflow

At Main Steam we add the river flow (CFM or Cubic feet per minute
of the first two river sites below. When the combined number is over
1,000 cfm we use this information as a guide to our customers for trips on the Farmington River..

West Branch Farmington River at Riverton, CT

Still River at Robertsville Road, CT

Farmington River at Unionville CT

Farmington River at Tariffville CT