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American Red Cross Fundamentals of Canoeing Course

Main Stream Canoe  is offering an American Red Cross Fundamentals of Canoeing course available to individuals or small groups.


•To provide the student with an awareness of the common hazards associated with the sport of canoeing and to develop the safety knowledge and skills to avoid such hazards.
•To provide the students with the skills to rescue themselves and others from routine accidents associated with paddling on calm slow moving water.
•To provide skills and knowledge necessary for the safe enjoyment of a recreational canoe outing from home, to the water, and back home again.

Time Requirements:

•Approximately 15 hours.


•All students must have water confidence.
•All students must have a Red Cross swim certificate or must perform a swim test which includes the ability to float, swim, and tread water unaided for three minutes.
•All students should possess the physical size, strength, and stamina commensurate with the course demands. Minimum age requirement is 12 years of age, accompanied by an adult.


•$95.00 per person, includes all canoes and related equipment.
•$45.00 per person with own canoe.
•Pre-registration is required with a $15.00 deposit per person.


•5 person minimum, 10 person maximum per certified canoe instructor.