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Class FAQs

Class FAQs


CLASS 1: Moving water with a few riffles and small waves. Few or no obstructions.

CLASS 2: Small scale rapids; 2' waves; few large rocks; wide, clear, obvious channels.

CLASS 3: Rapids with high, irregular waves; narrow passages often requiring complex manuevering. 3' waves, some small hydraulics, some rocks and eddies. Some scouting a good idea.

CLASS 4: Long, difficult rapids with constricted passages often requiring precise maneuvering in very turbulent water. Powerful 4' to 6' waves, boiling eddies, dangerous rocks, hydraulics. Scouting necessary, conditions make rescue difficult.

CLASS 5: Extremely long, difficult, very violent rapids with highly congested routes. Many riverbed obstructions, steep drops, 6' to 8' waves, strong currents and hydraulics. Scouting absolutely necessary; significant hazard to life in the event of a mishap.

CLASS 6: Difficulties of Class 5 carried to an extreme. Nearly impossible.

C.F.S. stand for "cubic feet per second", and it is a measure of the volume of water that passes a given point in the river in one second. Click here to see the flow coming out of Riverton today.