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Things to Bring

Things to Bring on Your Trip!

As a reminder we suggest the following items to make your experience more enjoyable, we call it "The Quartermasters Roll Call".

Ground cloth : for your picnic

A love of the out doors

Water shoes : you never know what's in the river, some of those rocks really smart

Sunglasses : everyone looks cool in shades

Change of clothing : should be left in car

Sunscreen* : you'll thank us in 20 years

Swim trunks : who can resist a dunk in the mighty Farmington

Camera*: This way you can send us some pictures for our website

Picnic items : there are plenty of wonderful paces to stop

Wind pants : Jeans are big sponges and Polypropylene just dries so quick

Wool sweater : them fall foliage trips get a tad bit chilly

Rain gear * : wet clothes make shivering bodies

Spare change : never know when you need to make a quick call

Insect repellent* : on the shore, those skeeters are just horrendous

Drinking water : 8 cups a day

*We stock these items in our shop