Since 1975 Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks has served outdoor enthusiasts on Connecticut’s Rivers, Lakes and Waterways. Main Stream was started as a canoe and kayak outfitter and instructional service; and we are continuing our original mission, introducing people to the sport and making it affordable.

We have  two ideal locations on the banks of the Farmington River, one in New Hartford on Rt 44 and the other off Waterville Rd (Alsop Meadows) in Avon CT. Our varied adventures catered to the experience level of the paddlers with safety being number one. Main Stream Canoes and Kayaks was founded by Jack Casey and Joe Casey in 1975. The two were partners for many years. It started out with three canoes, after eight weeks of nothing, a reservation for 10 canoes had to be filled, and Main Stream was born.

Sport magazine September of 1979, described them as the renegade outfitters of New England, two crazy bears in human suits. Before Main Steam there where only a few outfitters in New England, and most of them catered to an up-scale crowd looking for a quaint rustic adventure. Joe saw canoeing and kayaking as elitist sports, with an idea to make affordable for everyone. Both Joe and Jack paddled competitively. Winning state and national titles.

A lot has changed at Main Stream since the 70s. We have a building we call home and a much larger fleet of canoes and kayaks. However, our mission is still the same, we are here so everyone can be introduced to and enjoy the great sport of paddling. Our retail store carries full lines of canoes, kayaks and accessories. We also buy, sell, and repair used canoes and kayaks. Since part of our mission is introducing people to the joys of paddling and the outdoors, we have an exceptional instructional staff that teaches everything form the basics to advances techniques.

Our rental fleet is expansive, well-maintained, and mobile, ready to server both large groups and individual customers. We provide full service rentals, which include paddles, life jackets, and a  van service up-steam. Creating a stress free experience where all the paddlers need to worry about sun-screen, lunch, and wishing the trip would never end.


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